Collaborative thinking, imaginative solutions


  • Wind, Solar, Thermal

  • Energy Storage & Distribution

  • System Optimisation

  • Transport

  • Defence

  • Water & Wastewater

  • Rail

  • Master planning & Approvals

  • Civil & Structural Design

  • Sustainable Development

FPES plan, engineer and design projects that benefit and shape communities, improve quality of life, and provide access and opportunity for indigenous Australians.

Engineering provides a platform to change the world in which we live.

FPES provide imaginative solutions to complex and challenging problems for the benefit of our clients, partners and communities. We believe that all successful projects are based on shared values, clear objectives and a collaborative development process.

Our services are adaptable to meet our clients, no matter how far advanced the project timeline is. From concept to commissioning, FPES offer the reassuring expertise of an experienced engineering team.

Master Planning & Approvals

Civil, Structural & Electrical Design

Water & Wastewater Management

Sustainable Development

Design Review & Optimisation

Surveying & Investigations

Asset Management Planning